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Architectural Ornamentation The Anthemion Motif Nostalgia
Victorian illustration of the anthemion motif – lotus flower with palm leaf.
Anthemion (A classic Greek decorative motif of alternating lotus and palmette leaves, referred to
Anthemion ornament with Greek Fret (meander) from a pottery fragment dated from the 4th
A relief-cast plaster plaque of an anthemion,
... Ara Pacis Augustae: lotus and palmette molding (Anthemion) | by Roger B.
A cast plaster section of frieze with anthemion motif
The Anthemion
Anthemion decoration - Stock Image
Capital of a Column with Anthemion. Artist: Alfred Henry Forrester [Alfred Crowquill]
Greek diminutive of anthemon flower from anthos
Closeup of architectural ornament. Stone carving of flower motif pattern
Photo - Allendale Theater ...
Architectural Ornamentation – The Anthemion Motif | Nostalgia | Pinterest | Egyptian, Egypt and Egyptian art
Palmette as part of anthemion
Knight Library exterior. Cast stone balcony detail: Lamp and all-seeing eye.
Greek Anthemion as antefix
Anthemion Motif vs. Palmette Motif Ancient Greek Architecture, Art And Architecture, Key Design
Anthemion -- classical motif based on a stylized honeysuckle plant or a radiating, fan-shaped palm leaf (palmette) commonly found in Greek, Egyptian, ...
The photos on this page illustrate the common ornamentation use of egg-and-dart design. The top photo is a detail of an Ionic column of the Great Court at ...
Detail of the anthemion frieze around the Library in Melford Hall. - Stock Image
Decorative palmettes
Architectural Ornament - Acrotirion examples - It is thought that the palmette originated in ancient Greece years B., and has influenced Roman art.
A broken pediment at 775 Park Avenue, designed by Rosario Candela. Credit Ruby Washington/The New York Times
Vector Seamless Vintage Gold Greek Ornament (Meander) Stock Vector .
aleyma: “ Etruscan, Terracotta architectural plaque with lotus and palmette designs, late 4th century BC (source) ”
HOUSE British Domestic Architecture
Pile of antique decorative architectural elements with palmette (anthemion) motif laying in the grass
MOTIF | Metamorphous Interiors Ltd. Ancient Greek design motif Greek Pattern, Ancient Egypt,
Ornamental motif. Greek architectural elements, including a Corinthian capital exhibiting the characteristic acanthus leaves.
Ancient Egyptian Estates and Houses. Books 2 & 3 are set in Ancient Egypt!
Architectural motif. Running-dog pattern on molding (top), Villa Barbaro, Maser, Italy
Vintage Print - Ancient Egyptian Ornament
Geometric Persian Motif Print, Folk Art, Nordic Chic, Black and White Decor, Persian Motif Wall Art, Folk Art wall decor, Printable Art by ThingsThatSing on ...
Historic styles of ornament//
1: the lotus and papyrus, types of Egyptian ornament. (1856)
Brass Antefix miniature.Bronze ornament.Vintage architectural ornament.Brass paperweight.Anthemion.Gift for architect.Brass Palmette.From70s
Egyptian no. 3: captials of columns, showing the varied applications of the lotus and papyrus. From "The Grammar of Ornament" Owen Jones (1856)
Entrance to the Cecil Hotel in Alexandria. Photo: Steven Allan Modern Egypt, Alexandria
Hopfer, Daniel (ca 1470-1536): Ornament with Thistle (Gothic Thistle). Etching. Great study for illustration, perspective.
Marble fragment of an anta (pilaster) capital from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis
Nubia Painter Artist, Artist Painting, Painting Illustrations, Sculpture Art, Lovers Art,
Camden Crescent, Bath, Somerset, UK Detail of Georgian iron railings with palmette ornament
Nubia Egyptian Art, Sculpture Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Art Lessons,
Plaster Casts of historical ornament for sale @LASSCO Three Pigeons
RACINET ORNEMENT POLYCHROME 5 Ancient Greek decorative arts patterns motif c1885 - Stock Image
Palmette Anthemion Four Variants Yin Yang Style - Ancient Greece Peacock and Floral Symbols in Black
50 architecture ideas you really need to know
regency era architecture | Regency Architecture History Savannah Architecture Georgian Style 211 .
RACINET ORNEMENT POLYCHROME 6 Ancient Greek decorative arts patterns motif c1885 - Stock Image
Kensington Palace gates with close ups of the gold leaf motifs on the gate, home
Korintisk søjle Ancient Greek Architecture, Classical Architecture, Art And Architecture, Architecture Tattoo,
egypt ornament Ancient Egyptian Art, Egyptian Symbols, Egypt Art, Illustration, Egyptian Jewelry
Egyptian "Lotus" Motifs (probably derived from Nymphaea caerulea lily a motif commonly found in the decoration of both utiitarian objects and architechual
Styles of Greek ornament
Rococo architecture
Befitting its four-story height, the Waverly Mansion in Columbus, Mississippi, features
Utah's Historic Architecture Guide
A detail of an architrave in the Assemply Rooms exhibits a number of classical motifs.
13. Streamline Moderne
A is for ANTHEMION A stylized, classical floral motif based on a honeysuckle that was
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This week I'm finishing up work on an aumbry for a future issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. More than anything, this project has been about exploring ...
Greek key seen in ancient Greek art
Illustrated catalogue of period ornaments for f... Plaster Art, Grisaille, Wood
Ornamental triangle ...
Gloria Dei at dusk
Rooftop with Akrokeramo, ceramic decorative antefix.
Egyptian Motifs in the Art Deco Style:
Rosette on a meander or Greek key design saved from demolished buildings relocated to The Guild
Ancient Greek and Roman Design Elements
Jeweled Victorian Stained Glass Window with Anthemion and Leaf Design For Sale at 1stdibs
Figure 1. Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia (Loth)
Set of ancient egyptian ornament, vector, seamless pattern Stock Photo - 11962594
Greek anthemion motif in art nouveau style and seventies colors - Stock Image
design dictionary-acanthus leaves on capitals of Corinthian columns
early 20th century original heavily carved antique american ornamental salvaged chicago bedford limestone exterior wrigleyville apartment ...
[Dessin d'ornement] | Centre de documentation des musées - Les Arts Décoratifs
Ceiling ornament from the Parthenon 2
In Classical architecture ...
... Scott Taylor, Leaded Glass Conservator of E. S. Taylor Studio; Terry Jenkins, Certified Infrared Thermographer of Prospect Properties; ...
The grammar of ornament (1910) Persian and Assyrian ornament
1880-86 Peabody & Stearns, Architects
Pics For > Egyptian Lotus Motifs
a curvaceous pair of american neoclassical style gray painted wooden anthemion wall carvings
A Renaissance without Order | Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians
The grand foyer celebrates classical Roman architecture with a groin-vaulted ceiling and grand stair with a custom anthemion motif by SoJo Design