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The CIA agents used to use a method of communication based on how their. Wtf Fun FactsCrazy ...
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Fun facts. This would explain why men don't understand why we need so many different lipsticks
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Moondyne Joe – real name Joseph Bolitho Johns, is the most famous bushranger from Western Australia.
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They met in Elementary school, married in 1947 - for 67 years! Floyd and Violet Hartwig die together while holding hands - WTF awesome & fun facts!
Secret CIA wars - WTF fun facts
How a prank can cost 5 billion dollar - WTF fun facts
How potatoes were introduced to Greece - WTF fun facts
Boeing 727 disappears and never seen again - WTF fun fact
The CIA's 'Manual of Trickery and Deception' - WTF fun fact
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Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering you the best results to any query in a fraction of a second.
In the 1960s, the CIA spent 20 million on a cat equipped to spy on Soviets, but it got hit by a taxi almost immediately after it was released for its ...
20 Interesting Facts To Entertain Your Brain
Britney Spears, Baby One More Time The crazy facts behind Britney Spears's ...
Shh dont tell the intelligence community about these funny CIA and NSA Memes
Chandra Shekhar Azad
The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters [Archive] - Page 17 - The Project Avalon Community Forum
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White privilege is so fucking real (but people will deny it still) ...
If “Mental Illnesses” Aren't Real Illnesses, What Are They? - Mad In America
POTUS 42 Bill Clinton, POTUS 41 George H.W. Bush, CIA ...
Female Hysteria: 7 Crazy Things People Used To Believe About The Ladies' Disease | HuffPost
20 Random Facts To Feed Your Brain
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Why ARE young women hitting the menopause? New research reveals their fertile years could be shorter than feared ¿ as these women discovered.
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-He constantly implied that he was in the CIA until he got into a feud with popular YouTuber and ex-friend Jerry Ward, who actually trains people in the CIA ...
And I know it sounds like it can't possibly be true, but that's exactly what happened today. With her spokesperson telling the press, ...
Kim Jong Un
20 Interesting Facts about Bhutan
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2014 wasn't exactly the best of years, what with Ebola, ISIS, the CIA torture report, midterm elections, police killings, and the countless other incidents ...
Jack Reed (D-RI) said that he thinks President Trump is lying after Trump dismissed the CIA report finding that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ...
... CIA in a discrimination case (which was lost) and then he snitched on him to the CIA, which Obama's Justice dept. dusted off to bring charges in 2015.
A stoner - who is in fact a government agent - is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination. But he's too well-trained and too high for them to ...
A 79-year-old retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on ...
Obviously some Middle East countries were net importers however it is very likely that all Middle East imported oil was also produced in the Middle East so ...
2-It is Owned by #Bezos who's empire relies on hefty #CIA contracts;3- #Khashoggi worked with #BinLaden & #CIA in 80s & 90s; 4- Its always been anti #Trump
Quantico Season 2 Spoilers
Clare Lopez is a former CIA officer, and she is risking her professional career to call out President Barack Obama in the biggest way possible.
Crazy Costa Rica Facts (Scroll down to see more details)
North Koreans born after the Korean War are about 2 inches shorter than South Koreans on average.
In 2012 76,160,000 barrels of C+C were produced per day. Of that 76 million barrels 42,845,000 barrels were exported while the other 33,315,000 barrels was ...
Deep voice: The people that heard the word 'laurel' heard it in a
PREPOSTEROUS! There are no final days in baseball.
Spicer: Sometimes we disagree with the facts
... Facts November 2015; 10.
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Google CEO Larry Page. Getty / Justin Sullivan Google tackles so many different things ...
The TSS agents were not the only CIA operatives to get carried away with the use of LSD, as George H. White, the aforementioned head of Operation Midnight ...
DNC and Podesta emails leak and subsequent false flag operation to blame Vladimir Putin using Crowdstrike honchos
Or maybe it's so obscure and out of date by now that it's kinda campy-cool? If you're interested, here's another tiny sample of my cognitive soundtrack, ...
Nigel Farage tweeted: 'I can hardly believe Mrs May's words about our place in
Familial DNA Searches: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ...
a screenshot of a social media post: Divide: A new auditory illusion has listeners
... against officials tied to the Russia probe. Trump has already fired or threatened to fire nearly a dozen current & former officials associated with the ...
There was once a time when the spiritual and conscious community was vibrant with fresh new energy and ideas. People were truly seeking the truth.
Google News isn't so much a news organization as it is a collection of news sources generated at least partially by a news-gathering algorithm, ...
Amazing, isn't it? Why did A-1 bother faking their identity? Why not provide a cogent and rational comment that would be on-the-record for everyone to read?
Ayala posted a picture of the torched globe and asked 'Why would anyone let that
The compass directional label above is only a slight exaggeration. To give you just a sample-size-of-one illustration, consider the spot on the MDS graph ...
proteus view
Trevor Holmes
First interstellar object from beyond our solar system spotted by astronomers | The Independent
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Trump denies CIA implicated Saudi crown prince in Khashoggi murder
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I voted for Obama in '12.
I ...
... http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-cia-and-the-media-50-facts -the-world-needs-to-know/5471956/amp … #CorruptionCrisis #Deepstate #SpyGate #FISAGate ...
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