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Kaneki from before life decided to destroy this innocent t
Kaneki from before life decided to destroy this innocent snugglemuffin.
Haise/centipede/Kaneki. I like how when he turns around, he sees that Kaneki isn't the scary person he thought he was, rather he has a heart too.
Don't say that Kaneki
I miss the old innocent kaneki :,(
Touka x kaneki < ship it.
Kaneki and Hide ~You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me. But for the love of God, don't touch him ~ || Tokyo Ghoul
Innocent boy( Kaneki X reader)
Manga / Tokyo Ghoul
Poor innocent Kaneki, all he wanted to do was go on a date, but look at him now, he BECAME THE SWAG MAS!!! U MADE ME PROUD!!!
Don't take the innocent Kaneki ╥﹏╥ - Tokyo Ghoul ~ DarksideAnime
I must be the only TG fan who likes Ken's innocence more than his aftermath,
SPOILER AHEAD We get to understand later that this wasn't even kaneki's true personnality. The true kaneki is protecting himself with this personnality and ...
Ken Kaneki/Haise Sasaki
How to destroy a monster¿ | Quotes | Ken Kaneki | Tokyo Ghoul ▫
When Kaneki was
Can someone just love kaneki And be by his side throughout it all so he knows that everything will be ok. No one deserves that more than him seriously I ...
Tokyo-ghoul-anime-white-hair-kaneki by coffeelurvr
Tokyo ghoul Kaneki ken
He probably shouldn't Google "Kaneki Ships" Anime Sketch, Anime Guys,
Ken Kaneki X Rize's Sister
Destroying the Innocent
Never break someone's heart, they only have one, try it with their bones, they have 206, Kaneki Ken, text, ghoul, white hair, mask; Tokyo Ghoul
kaneki ken from tokyo ghoul
Online shopping for Tokyo Ghoul with free worldwide shipping | Anime | Pinterest | Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo and Anime
En la vida tienes dos opciones: Dejar que te rompas* o romper* a
Instead of killing people with kindness, I think I'm just going to kill them!, Suzuya Juuzou, text, blood; Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul Hinami An End to the Violence. “
(Kaneki x Ghoul!Reader) Immortals by Nanaseii on DeviantArt
Kaneki Ken x Reader by demoticdreams on DeviantArt
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For him survive this great encounter and surgery changed his life from there own and the adventure of Tokyo ghoul begins from there.
I always love the villains in some story Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken
Kaneki x Reader
Kaneki Ken || Tokyo Ghoul || Anime Quote Tokyo Ghoul Quotes, Kaneki,
I've wasted enough tears for people who don't even care." | Tokyo Ghoul
Haise was just an innocent and truly pure side of Kaneki that he had (as you said) "lost" around when his mother was ...
"I didn't choose the ghoul life. The ghoul life chose me." ||| Kaneki Ken ||| Tokyo Ghoul. "
SPOILER AHEAD We get to understand later that this wasn't even kaneki's true personnality. The true kaneki is protecting himself with this personnality and ...
Eto Yoshimura
( mirror; kaneki ) | Tumblr
Former CCG
kaneki you is so good to touka chan
Kaneki Ken X Child!Reader: Protector and Saviour by 10thShapiroBoss on DeviantArt
Aesthetic Drift #17: A Truckload of Corpses, or Violence's Meaning in Narrative | The Drunken Odyssey
Kaneki Ken
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Kaneki Ken x Reader!
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~|| For Those I Love ||~ Kaneki Ken x Reader by OppaFaustusStyle on DeviantArt
Kaneki Ken, Tokyo Ghoul Anime Boys, Manga Boy, Manga Anime, Anime Art
Kaneki is the main, male protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul who undergoes a drastic change in his everyday life when he partly becomes a monster who craves human ...
((Kaneki x Reader)) Broken Down
Kaneki x Reader: Solemn by EternalAlice24 on DeviantArt
Rize is just telling Kaneki how it is. The truth sure does hurt. Will
He's Too Innocent!
Kaneki Ken X (Y/N) Kamishiro X Kotaro Amon
If you want more steal is or a better explanation Chibi Reviews has done this and more interesting Tokyo Ghoul analysts and such. Until next time!!!
Kaneki x reader [TOKYO GHOUL]
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If she idolises Kaneki so, why has she made such a damning assessment about him? And it's not just an assessment of the changed Shironeki that she resents, ...
Then there's Guts from Berserk, on the left in the image below. He starts off as a child soldier whose mercenary band is defeated and wiped out, until he ...
Tokyo Ghoul
The Reality Of Being A Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki x reader)
Tokyo Ghoul:RE - Forgotten Memories [CONCLUDED]
Hide is often linked to tarot card #1 or in other words The Magician, it's possible that he leads Kaneki through a battle with V to destroy their empire and ...
kaneki x reader { completed }
Tsukiyama and Touka in particular are shown to know right away that the monster is Kaneki
And after that I turned into more cold violent self I still care about some persons that are close to me but I'm not that cute innocent guy I used to be ...
Bones • Kaneki Ken
His hair also seems divided between black and white, suggesting harmony between his Ghoul and Human sides (as with Kaneki ...
He was so innocent but now it's different like no leave him alone
MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven't read tokyo ghoul :re. Haise sasaki is kaneki ken after recovering from arima's fight.
After being stabbed in the eye and suffering from amnesia, Kaneki became the CCG investigator know as Haise Sasaki. Eventually, he regains his memories and ...
Kaneki has been devoured by a creature that now, quite literally, sustains his life.
... to crack is adorable! i generally like how the two interact and can't get over chapter 72 where ayato smiles softly at hinami after being reunited!
Touka is a highly loved character in the Tokyo Ghoul fanbase, and sure she does have some qualities that make her likeable. But in my eyes, she isn't all ...
Episode 14 Recap + character guide
She's mad because Kaneki's going down a path of self-destruction, and it does destroy him.
There are many misconceptions about people suffering from schizophrenia, and it shouldn't be joked about.
He definitely had trouble adjusting to the life a ghoul. Kaneki had a very kind heart and to know that he had to kill innocent people just couldn't sit well ...