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'Doctor Who' Fans Divided Over First Female Time Lord | Hollywood Reporter
Thoughts on: The Snowmen
'Doctor Who' EP Required Female Star for Season 11 — Chris Chibnall | TVLine
Thoughts on: Turn Left
Thoughts on: The Christmas Invasion
Jodie Whittaker Kills It As The New Doctor
Thoughts on: The Wedding of River Song
Thoughts on: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday
In the first place, I thought this story was really well conceived. It was an inspired idea to show the Doctor stumbling upon the history of the future, ...
Thoughts on: The Fires of Pompeii
... what the future holds my little family give my little blog a chance and follow my crazy journey! Don't worry it will be filled with plenty of ramblings!
... himself (who I'll always remember as being delightful, funny and passionate when I met him), but McCoy is easily the weakest actor to play the Doctor, ...
Thoughts on: The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone
I have to agree with one blogger I recently read that the series may have been diminished somewhat by the fact that they split it up, and in doing so, ...
Yesterday's theoretical ramblings dealt with, let's talk candidates. As the title suggests my female Doctor fantasy cast is Amber Benson. Oh, don't get me ...
First thoughts: Under the Lake
Doctor Who headcanon #3
To Whom It May Concern
Nerd girl power! Ramblings ...
It isn't as bad as it looks. I have it on good word straight from the convention floor, that Karen Gillan isn't leaving Doctor Who any time ...
A Christmas tradition that beats your grandma's fruitcake, the annual Doctor Who Christmas special put a sci-fi spin on holiday cheer — not to mention a bit ...
I'm such a sap this time of year... yesterday at the doctor's office (thanks to a sinus infection that lead to an ear infection... so bad the doctor was ...
PippaD - A Mother's Ramblings
Stranger Things 2 – Episode 2 – Trick or Treat, ...
Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on pop culture: Colouring Book Theatre: Doctor Who
Elizabeth Shue
Some ramblings, edits and girl crushes.
Dump that suffocating friendship, right? It's not so simple and I realized this the hard way, sadly, more than once. When I sense that someone is in ...
What Your Doctor Wants To Tell You, But Can't (From A Medical Physician)
Hi! I'm so glad to see you here!
Rambling Rose (1991)
It's hard being the very little sister to two big, unruly boys. She doesn't get to go on little kid outings very often. She had a blast at Wonderscope.
Thoughts on: The Beast Below
'Doctor Who' Season 11: TV Review
Pokemon Center Osaka
Emily Shine, second year resident doctor at North Shore Hospital, specialises in obstetrics and
Black Panther Review (Spoiler Free)
She Image result for doctor who the pilot
Doctor Who – The Patrick Troughton Years
Did a bit of editing myself because I couldn't stand to see "rambling
Random Ramblings: A Female Doctor?
The Shambled Rambler
Review: 'Doctor Who' Season 8 Episode 1, 'Deep Breath,' Doesn't Let Peter Capaldi Exhale | IndieWire
Vincent and the Doctor
Noen tanker om en fullført doktorgrad
Okay guys, "Yakeen Ka Safar" finished and while the ending didn't necessarily overwhelm viewers, for me personally.....I enjoyed it.
Dead Cheerleader Zombie
Take Charge Of Your Pelvic Pain With The FREE Webinar “Say Goodbye To Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & Transform Your Lady Parts” By Women's Pelvic Health PT ...
Rambling Rose
Her Doctor has the heart(s), the charisma and the irreverence we've come to love about the character – she feels right at home here.
She doesn't get to go on little kid outings very often. She had a blast at Wonderscope. We closed the place down!
How Many Nimons Have You Seen Today? | Doctor Who ramblings from a crazy time lady
She isn't great, but she isn't awful either. 'Delta and the Bannermen' (another personal favourite) really benefits from her bubbly personality and she ...
Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor
Day 10 - We kicked the week off with a sleepover in Mommy and Daddy's room.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's rambling interview with Frank Skinner that made her cocaine problem public knowledge
I also enjoy the arc she goes on in season 26, which sees the Doctor take a more active approach to changing the life of his companion for the better.
Quickies 10 OR …I Got Nothing.
I know that my broken nose doesn't need it's very own blog post. From what I've read it's the most common facial injury. But just because it happens to ...
We must never forget that life doesn't stop for anyone. The people you write off in Winter may rise victorious in Summer.
Adorable Dublin tot is absolutely hilarious rambling away on the phone - Dublin Live
Exciting News!
A Few Of My Favorite Toddler Items (all found on Amazon!)
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's rambling interview with Frank Skinner that made her cocaine problem public knowledge - Mirror Online
How Many Nimons Have You Seen Today? | Doctor Who ramblings from a crazy time lady
Chinese TV Drama 'The Imperial Doctress' Brings 15th Century Female Doctor Tan Yunxian Back to Life | What's on Weibo
Signing the register Bubbles instead of confetti ...
ASMR Comforting + close friend role play + positive affirmations + rambling - YouTube
... and gives an example of the mind games and manipulation this incarnation is famous for. Still, I can't help but prefer the seventh Doctor of season 24 ...
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Soraya's Birth Story
Teachers and doctors should invoke the spirit of 1919 and strike together | Ellie Mae O'Hagan | Opinion | The Guardian
Art by Anna Ayres
My due date came and went, and no baby! One of the midwives I see recommended an extra ultrasound a non-stress test the following week to make sure ...
Doctor Who - Girls With Guns - and the Rights and Wrongs of Eric Saward
Image result for doctor who the pilot
I ...
doctor who memes | Ramblings of a Cellist Nerd: Doctor Who Meme - Day 08
Rambling Rose
Close women friends are so empowering. I don't have many of them or many girly moments but by the time Dani hit town-- it was just what the doctor ordered.
So how could a girl who loves to write know anything about relationships? Well, it's very possible that I don't. Hah! Joke's on you. But maybe, just maybe, ...
Doctor Who Tardis Bag Tutorial with Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings
She's only a few months past the heart transplant that – just in time – saved her life. Life should be a joyful adventure. But .
So when I found this rug, I wasn't terribly surprised that he had some objections. One of them being that he didn't think it “went with the room” (“the ...
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